Ceph - Distributed File System in Proxmox

Ceph is massively scalable distributed file system which runs on Linux. I primarily use Ceph within a Proxmox cluster. If you haven’t checked out Proxmox as a virtual machine hypervisor then I strongly suggest you do so! Ceph Troubleshooting Clearing Crash Notifications Warning I’d suggest you always investigate logs first before simply dismissing crash notifications. Once you’re happy there is not an underlying issue you’re free to get rid of that annoying notification.

New Hugo Theme & Shortcodes

I’ve finally got round to updating my website theme. It’s build using Hugo (see this post) and I’m now using the simple LoveIt Theme. Hugo Shortcodes I’m liking some of the built-in shortcodes you get using this pipeline. There’s more examples extensive information here and here. These are a few of my recent favourites. Admonition Banners Tip admonition banner See below for an example of how a Mermaid diagram can be included directly in the page Warning admonition banner Warnings stand out Note admonition banner Notes are great for highlighting a specific piece of information Info admonition banner Similar to Notes Mermaid Mermaid is an awesome tool to define simple flow charts as code.

Hugo Static Website

I recently decided to move my site over to Hugo, a static site generator framework. Although similar in a lot of ways to Jekyll which I’d previously been running on, Hugo fits my needs and development environment much better. Running on Windows it’s easy to setup and get going. Installation Note: I’m installing the “extended” version of Hugo as this is required in order to process scss stylesheets using Hugo’s pipeline.

Office 365 - Emails to go into sent items in a shared mailbox

By default emails sent from or on-behalf-of a shared mailbox do not get copied into the sent items folder within that mailbox, instead they only go in your personal sent items folder. Shared mailboxes are really useful for groups of people to collaborate as a team and it is often essential that all members see those sent items. Do not fear though as this can be enabled again (although not from the GUI!

Why I'm avoiding mbeds and maybe you should too...

For those that haven’t heard of mbed, they provide a cloud based compiler for ARM processors with a large codebase and a growing community. I started using mbed’s at work for various projects in 2012 (maybe earlier) and at first their ease of use, huge resource library (even back then) and relatively cheap module considering it had an easy to integrate Ethernet PHY on-board made them a clear winner for many dozen development and production projects.