Office 365 - Allow external mail to be delivered to public folders

In Office 365 Exchange we found it very useful to setup Public mail-enabled folders that all users could access and have a copy of incoming mail delivered to these mailboxes as well as their normal destination. Mail Flow rules are used to direct incoming email approprietly for the scenario you require (simply BCC to the email address of the public folder). You then need to assign user permissions for the folder in the public folders screen, this provides access to those you want to allow to delete etc.

Home Automation Changes

For years now I’ve had a group of small battery powered devices that capture temperature from different parts of my house and garden and transmit this using RF to a central server where it is logged. This is a project I’ve had running in various states for a long time; one of the first iterations used Rabbit micro controllers running ‘Dynamic C’ and a wired connection to groups of DS18B20 one-wire temperature sensors.

Office 365 - Assigning delegate access to a group

In Office 365 in an organisation it is often useful to be able to assign delegated mailbox access to an administrator so that they can maintain or monitor emails. To do this from the user interface web interface can be very time consuming as you have to assign the role to each mailbox one-by-one, if you want to give multiple people access then it is even more time consuming. A nice solution to this is to create a mail-enabled security distribution list that contains as members those whom you would like to give access to.

Office 365 - Assigning licenses from powershell

When you add new users to your domain it is useful to be able to assign licenses using PowerShell to help automate administrating the domain. First ensure you have downloaded and installed the AdministrationConfig tool from here Open Powershell and run the following commands to connect to 365, enter your credentials when prompted. Import-Module MSOnline $credential = get-credential Connect-MsolService -Credential $credential Ensure the user’s location is set before you assign licenses, replace the email address with the one for the user you are updating.

Installing Jekyll on Windows

Summarising the instructions from the Jekyllrb Site these are the steps to install Jekyll on Windows and run Jekyll to serve pages from the local copy of a Github Pages site. Open Powershell as an administrator. Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted Answer yes when prompted iwr https://chocolatey.org/install.ps1 -UseBasicParsing | iex choco install ruby -y exit Reopen Powershell as as administrator. Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted Answer yes when prompted gem --version If the version is less than 2.