Switching to Github Pages & Jekyll


For many years I had a Wordpress website that I used in a similar way to this site to document technical challenges, projects and information that I found useful. The only real problem was I was terrible at updating the content, partly because I forgot to and partly because it was “hard” to do, there’s an effort involved in logging into the website admin and adding in the new information. It’s a poor excuse but it’s a real one.

While I was reading an article I came across Github Pages and it immediately interested me. It fits better for me for a number of reasons:

  • It can be easily edited locally and viewed on my laptop wherever I am.
  • It’s simple and lean, no databases, no additional security vunrabilities.
  • Github pages hosts the site for free, it fits in with the community feel and purpose of Github. If I fall out with it being hosted on Github I’m not relient on it as the static pages can be hosted anywhere with no special requirements.
  • It’s easily expanded/split for multiple sites using Github project pages.

Read the Jekyll website for full details and installation instructions.