This knowledge base is a repository of information that I use to store useful information from projects that I have worked on. The information contained within this site may not be completely accurate or even the best way to achieve the goals but it is the way I have done it on one or more projects.

I started this site to both organise my notes on these topics and to provide the information for anyone else that is interested or working on similar things. Please feel free to get in touch if you know of better ways to do things, have things to contribute or want to discuss anything in more detail.

This site is created with Hugo which is a static site engine written in Go. See my post on moving to the Hugo framework for more information.

Paul Chilton

I'm a developer, project manager, IT manager, engineer, tinkerer, bass player, christian, father and husband. Any spare time I get (once the kids are in bed) is often spent researching new technologies, programming or tinkering with various projects. I trained in Electronic Engineering at University and work at a local robotic engineering company called Labman Automation where we build bespoke robotic systems for laboratory environments around the world.

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